Seafarers and Lecturers Registers New Business Organization

Captain Dudley Hoala, Interim CEO and one of the founding Directors of the SI Seabus Organisation.


A new business entity registered as the Solomon Islands Seafarers Business or SI Seabus for short, has recently been formed by prominent Seafarers and Marine Lecturers at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) School of Marine.

Interim CEO of the SI Seabus Business Venture, Captain Dudley L. Hoala, who is also a Nautical Lecturer at the Maritime Academy, SINU Ranadi Campus, told Sunday Isles that the concept behind the establishment of SI Seabus is to enable and ensure all certified Solomon Islanders who own shipping business to prioritize a higher safety standard and reliable sea transportations services to the people of Solomon Islands, at the same time to encourage the socio-economic progress which is intended to benefit everyone.

“As a long time Lecturer since the SICHE days until now – and with the backdrop of the standard of which the existing Maritime Sea transportation providers have their footing on with the Maritime Legislators – also the Sea Tragedies we have gone through and experience, I come up with research kind of question.

“Can the mindset and practices of Solomon Islands Seafarers be unified to empower the Maritime (and related) Legislations leading to a safe, efficient and reliable Maritime Sea Transportation, which in the end can also lead to or help to trigger a higher standard of living to the people of Solomon Islands, especially in the rural areas,” according to Captain Dudley, who is one of the founding Member and a Director of the SI Seabus.

In the meantime, he added that with the Maritime colleagues, lecturers, and the many certified seafarers in the Solomon Islands – some of them not able to find work, some of them in their old age and residing in Honiara or the rural areas and some who are working, “I believe we can together take the question and come up with answers as we ride through the SI Seabus.”