Students Told to Avoid Early Marriage and Prioritize their Education

Former Member of Malaita Provincial Assembly, David Nguiburi.


SOLOMON Islands’ rapid birth rate, increased projection on unemployment, fast-growing youth population, and teenage pregnancy, etc. are health, social, development, and economic indicators challenging the country today.

The underlined changes have given the prospect for the Former Member of Malaita Provincial Assembly (MPA), Ward 27 in West Kwaio region, David Nguiburi to encouraged school students in his community to remain loyal to their education and avoid getting an early marriage.

“In such a challenging time in the growth of our country; students must understand that to attain education is a life-time opportunity and they must priorities their path and opportunity to be at school or classroom and later achieved a higher standard of education,” David Nguiburi told students at the recent graduation ceremony held at the Foubaba Secondary School in West Kwaio.

He later challenged young graduands to avoid getting involved in unwanted relationships that might jeopardize their opportunities to go further in education, and more especially to achieve good jobs and employment opportunities in the future.

“My strongest advice to all students is to invest more of your youthful time in attaining education because your life depends on education, it is the only way forward to escape poverty in the future; avoid getting involved in unwanted activities that might force you to get early pregnancy or marriage.

“Marriage is a last and final sacrament in life; no one of you will escape marriage but to avoid poverty and unhappiness when you get married in the future starts now through prioritizing and investing in your education,” the former local politician said.

David continued to emphasize that today we are living in a money-driven society and to survive and improve their family standard of living; individuals must have a basic understanding of how to read and write or undergo tertiary training to acquire knowledge and skills and more especially attain a higher qualification or form of education.

Solomon Islands people are currently facing problems regarding low employment in the country. People within the societies are suffered in terms of financial supports for their children attending schools in providing the school fees. Unemployment is high in the Solomon islands causing bad effects to people in rural societies and urban communities especially to those who are currently being unemployed or not have paid jobs.