500 Plus Students Expected To Be Repatriated by December

MEHRD Permanent Secretary Dr. Franco Rodie


Plans are in place for the repatriation of more than five hundred graduating students who are studying in various universities in the region by the second week of December.

According to the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) Dr. Franco Roddie, those that will be repatriated back into the country are ones who should be able to complete their studies by this year or the graduating students.

“These graduating students whom we are going to repatriate is about Five Hundred and Thirty.

“In Fiji, we have Three hundred and sixty-eight students, Samoa Four, PNG Seventy-seven, Vanuatu Eighty-Four, Australia Nineteen, and New Zealand Four.

“For ongoing students, we have about Eight hundred and ninety-eight and these are the students that we plan for them to remain in their host countries because of difficulties with quarantine measures as well as travel restrictions.

“So we make sure that these ongoing students will continue to receive their allowances from December 2020 till February 2021 when they are expecting to resume their classes,” Dr. Roddie said.

He added that they have not fixed a date when the repatriation will eventuate but said they are thinking for the second week of December as soon as all the arrangements are being formalized.


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