2019 National Elections Totally Rigged and Corrupt

International Observers NGE Reports – Worthless

Chief Executive officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Ruth Lilogula.


THE international observers report on the 2019 National General was insignificant as it did not convey a full report on corruption in the entire process National General Election.

Chief Executive officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Ruth Lilogula in the recent Launching of the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), stated that any international observers in the future should cover the whole process starting from registration to when a new Government is elected and not just days before the elections.

The TSI Chief Executive Officer stressed that it is before the polling day that all the rigging and payments were done.

“The result of the 2019 Nation General Elections being the most corrupt was shown after the Election when the highest number of petitions were launched against the winning candidates.

“Also in 2019 the Government sideline Civil Society Organisations and concern citizens where their space and voice was restricted, forbidding them to do any peaceful demonstrations.”

Ms. Lilogula, however, said that despite all the bad news, it was encouraging that while the government slacked down on its efforts, the general public and the Media continue to hold up their part and efforts in the fight against corruption in the Solomon Islands.